Project: American Indian Studies Program, University of Arizona
Award Year: 2008
Amount of award, fiscal 1998: $246,224.00 fiscal 2005: $210,304.00 fiscal 2004: $180,367.00 fiscal 2007: $179,802.00 fiscal 2002: $179,718.00 fiscal 2008: $179,565.00 fiscal 2006: $179,466.00 fiscal 2003: $178,915.00 fiscal 2001: $178,796.00 fiscal 1999: $150,000.00 fiscal 2000: $150,000.00
Institution: University of Arizona
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: The special relationship between Indian Nations and the Federal Government has historically heightened tensions between sovereign nations and the States, making the challenges of welfare reform even more complex for Indian people. As the only Ph.D. program in Native American Studies in the United States, and by virtue of its close relationship to the tribal colleges awarded land grant status in 1994, the American Indian Studies Program (AISP) is the ideal partner for the Small Grants Programs. AISP works with scholars at tribal colleges and elsewhere to support research addressing the unique position and problems of Native Americans with respect to food assistance. In fiscal 1998, AISP made five small grants (of approximately $32,000 each), all awarded to researchers at 1994 land grant tribal colleges.
Topic: RIDGE (Small Grants) Program
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