Project: The Economics of Beverage Choices Among WIC and SNAP Participants
Award Year: 2011
Amount of award, fiscal 2011: $129,000.00
Institution: Yale University
Principal Investigator: Tatiana Andreyeva
Status: Ongoing
Detailed Objective: The study will use scanner data from a large retail grocery store chain in two Northeastern States to examine the relationship between food assistance (WIC and SNAP) and the purchase of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs). This study has three policy-related goals in mind. First, this study will describe the consumption of SSBs by WIC and SNAP participants by using the Universal Product Codes and Product Lookup Codes (UPC/PLU) provided by the grocer. Second, it will use the fact that SSBs are taxed differently in Massachusetts and Connecticut to perform a natural experiment, in which the question to be explored is whether taxation of SSBs affects their consumption by WIC and SNAP participants. Third, it will evaluate whether changes to the WIC food package changes consumption over time, since the changes to WIC packages took place during the period under study.
Topic: Dietary Intake and Quality, Food Prices and Demand, SNAP/Food Stamp Program, WIC
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