Project: Effect of New WIC Food Packages on Breastfeeding and Food Package Choices
Award Year: 2011
Amount of award, fiscal 2011: $198,000.00
Institution: Baruch College, National Bureau of Economic Research
Principal Investigator: Ted Joyce
Status: Ongoing
Detailed Objective: In January 2009, New York became the first State to implement the new food package for WIC participants. In subsequent months, other States followed, and by December 2009, all 50 States had implemented the revisions. The new food package greatly restricts issuance of formula to infants of partially breastfeeding women in the first month, with the goal of encouraging women to exclusively breastfeed. This study will analyze changes in breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity, duration, as well as the choice of food package among WIC participants from before to after implementation of the new food package. The study will use the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PedNSS) in 17 States and administrative data in five States. The key to identification is the staggered rollout of the new food package across States.
Topic: Breastfeeding, WIC
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