Project: Joint Participation in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Unemployment Insurance in Florida
Award Year: 2010
Amount of award, fiscal 2010: $107,254.00
Institution: University of Missouri
Principal Investigator: Colleen Heflin
Status: Ongoing
Detailed Objective: This project will use linked administrative data files from the State of Florida to address two critical issues: (a) the dynamics of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participation among low-income households with workers; and (b) the interactions between receipt of SNAP benefits and State Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, especially during the current recession. Such analyses can provide information that will enable increased program efficiency by identifying factors affecting households’ decisions to apply for SNAP benefits.
Topic: SNAP/Food Stamp Program
Heflin, C., A. London, and P. Mueser. “Clients’ Perspectives on a Technology-Based Food Assistance Application System,” American Review of Public Administration, Vol. 43, No. 6, November 2013.