Project: Effects of Change From Universal-Free to Eligibility-Based School Breakfast Program
Award Year: 2008
Amount of award, fiscal 2008: $250,000.00
Institution: University of North Carolina
Principal Investigator: David Ribar
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: This study will investigate the financial, participation, attendance, health, behavioral, and academic impacts of a change from a universal-free to an eligibility-based School Breakfast Program. It uses a natural experiment occasioned by changes in policy in the Guilford County Schools in North Carolina. This area of research addresses an important gap in knowledge concerning the decision to participate in the USDA School Breakfast Program and the impacts of participation on children's well-being. Results of the research will inform policy and program officials on the costs and benefits of universal-free versus eligibility-based School Breakfast Programs.
Topic: Program Operations, School Lunch and Breakfast
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