Project: Determinants of the Food Stamp Caseload
Award Year: 2005
Amount of award, fiscal 2005: $125,000.00
Institution: RAND
Principal Investigator: Jacob Klerman
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: Food Stamp Program caseload increased sharply in the early 1990s and decreased sharply in the late 1990s. The caseload has risen again with the recent recession. In contrast to earlier increases, however, the latest was mainly among food stamp recipients who did not receive any other public assistance (nonpublic assistance, or NPA). Food stamp participation among public assistance recipients (PA) has remained constant over the past few years, considerably below pre-welfare reform levels. This research will examine differential effects of specific welfare and food stamps policies (their components, intensity, and implementation timing) and the economy on PA and NPA food stamp participation and among other subgroups (e.g. married vs. single, households with vs. without children).
Topic: SNAP/Food Stamp Program
Dataset: Food Stamp Program Quality Control Data (FSPQC)
Klerman, J., and C. Danielson. Determinants of the Food Stamp Program Caseload, Contractor and Cooperator Report No. 50, USDA, ERS, January 2009.