Project: A Feasibility Study of Nutrition Education Intervention in Food Stores Serving the Low Income
Award Year: 2004
Amount of award, fiscal 2004: $100,000.00
Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Principal Investigator: Joel Gittelsohn
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: This project will evaluate the feasibility of a food-store-based nutrition intervention program for low-income consumers. The intervention will increase the availability of healthful food choices in participating stores and promote those foods at the point of purchase. The feasibility study will: (1) develop and field test reliable and valid methods for assessing program impacts on food store sales, consumer food purchasing, preparation and consumption, as well as consumer food-related psychosocial factors; (2) examine program impacts for food assistance program participants versus non-participants; and (3) assess the following factors and their interrelationships: access to and use of available food stores, availability and variety of foods sold, food advertising and promotion, food selection and consumption, and exposure to the intervention program. In addition, it will assess the costs and benefits of running the program for the stores involved.
Topic: Data Collection and Methodology, Nutrition Education
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