Project: Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Program Evaluation
Award Year: 2003
Amount of award, fiscal 2003: $217,059.00
Institution: ORC/Macro International, University of New Mexico
Principal Investigator: Erica Gordon and Shirley Pareo
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: The Nutrition Title of the 2002 Farm Bill provided $6 million to the USDA Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Program (FVPP) for the 2002-03 school year to improve fruit and vegetable consumption among the Nation's school children. The FVPP provided fresh and dried fruits and fresh vegetables free to children in 107 elementary and secondary schools in four states and one Indian Tribal Organization. Congress directed ERS to report "on the results of the pilot program" (H.R. 2646).

This project will determine the feasibility of continuing the FVPP and its success as assessed by students' interest in participating. The evaluation is comprised of four primary components:
1) Analysis of administrative records of purchases of fruits and vegetables submitted by each participating school;
2) Review of interim project reports submitted by each participating school describing how the FVPP was implemented and received;
3) Site visits to participating schools, focus groups, and interviews with selected stakeholders;
4) A workshop/conference that will bring together FVPP program managers, other program staff, and policy stakeholders to discuss the findings of the evaluation and the lessons learned from the pilot project.

Topic: Program Operations, School Lunch and Breakfast
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