Project: State Predictors of Household Food Security
Award Year: 2002
Amount of award, fiscal 2002: $100,000.00
Institution: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Principal Investigator: Judith Bartfeld
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: This study investigates the relationship between household and community food security by analyzing interstate variations in USDA measures of food insecurity. The analysis will use data from the 1998-2000 Current Population Survey- Food Security Supplements, together with State employment, food assistance, and food cost data. The project examines the role that State and local characteristics play in explaining differences in food security rates, which range from 4.6 percent in North Dakota to 15.1 percent in New Mexico. Factors to be considered include State unemployment and wage rates, average housing costs, and accessibility of Federal food assistance and nutrition programs, State policies for assisting low-income families (including any earned-income tax credit, minimum wage, and cash welfare programs), food costs, and other sociodemographic and geographic characteristics. Data from the 1998-2000 Current Population Survey-Food Security Supplements (CPS-FSS) as well as local food security data in selected communities in Wisconsin and New York will be used to conduct the analysis. Multivariate and hierarchical modeling techniques will be applied to identify the influence of contextual factors on food security at State and local levels.
Topic: Food Security
Dataset: Current Population Survey food Security Supplement (CPS-FSS)
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