Project: Demand System Analysis for Households Segmented by Family Structure and Income
Award Year: 2000
Amount of award, fiscal 2000: $20,000.00
Institution: Texas A&M University
Principal Investigator: George Davis
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: This project estimates theoretically consistent price and income elasticities for food and nonfood commodities for households distinguished by income and family structure. The resulting elasticities will be incorporated into ERS's economywide modeling program.

A demand system that allows purchases of food and nonfood items to be affected by the composition of total expenditures between income and food stamp benefits will be developed and estimated. This project will use microdata to estimate elasticities for food and nonfood commodities for households participating in the Food Stamp Program and for households below the 130-percent poverty line not participating in the program, distinguished by family structure.

Topic: Food Prices and Demand
Dataset: Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE)