Project: Using the National Food and Nutrition Survey (NATFAN) To Examine WIC Participant Food Choices and Intakes Before and After Changes in the Food Benefit
Award Year: 2011
Amount of award, fiscal 2011: $200,000.00
Institution: Texas A&M University
Status: Ongoing
Detailed Objective: This project will assess the impact of the new WIC food packages on food choices and intakes of selected items among participating women, infants, and children, using data from the National Food and Nutrition Survey of WIC Participants (NATFAN). Over 50 State and territorial WIC programs participated in the NATFAN survey, which collected information regarding WIC client attitudes, knowledge, purchasing, and consumption practices. Pre-implementation data were collected during FY 2009, before the rollout of the new food packages. The survey was re-administered at least 6 months following the food package changes, late in FY 2010 and early FY 2011. The project will also assemble a publicly available dataset of State-level responses. This will require developing and executing data-sharing arrangements with participating State programs (data from participating Indian Tribal Organizations will be consolidated).
Topic: Data Collection and Methodology, Dietary Intake and Quality, WIC
Dataset: National Food and Nutrition Survey of WIC Participants (NATFAN)