Project: Multiprogram Participation in SNAP and Unemployment Insurance: How Tight Are the Strands of the Recessionary Safety Net?
Award Year: 2010
Amount of award, fiscal 2010: $40,000.00
Institution: College of William and Mary
Principal Investigator: David Finifter
Status: Ongoing
Detailed Objective: To examine how effectively Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and State unemployment insurance (UI) programs serve as part of the social safety net during recessionary conditions. In order to have a set of resources to meet household needs during recessions, households may participate in multiple Government assistance programs. This study will pay special attention to State unemployment insurance (UI) programs, which provide support to an experienced worker who has lost a job. The project will examine participation patterns and interactions between the two programs and how households participate in one or another of the programs or both programs. The project will also examine how those patterns change when comparing labor market conditions of full employment with conditions during a period of severe recession.
Topic: Macroeconomic Conditions, SNAP/Food Stamp Program