Project: Development of a Cognitive Testing Protocol and Training Materials for Use in Developing a Common Core Set of Questions on Dietary Behavior
Award Year: 2004
Amount of award, fiscal 2004: $50,243.00
Institution: Abt Associates Inc.
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: The purpose of this task order is to develop materials to support cognitive interview testing of candidate questions for a common core set of questions about the diet quality of Food Stamp Program participants that could be administered as a means of tracking progress in improving diets of Food Stamp Program participants. These materials will include both the cognitive testing protocol itself and associated training materials.

The protocol consists of the questions for pretesting, with probes designed to elicit respondent understanding of the questions and suggest improvements in wording and format of questions. Training materials include a training manual for use in training interviewers who will administer the protocol, as well as supporting materials such as videotaped sample interviews.

Topic: Data Collection and Methodology, Dietary Intake and Quality, SNAP/Food Stamp Program