Make selections in Steps 1 and 2; view your results in Step 3. In Step 1 select either a group of ERS Commodities that cannot be modified (Step 1A), or mix and match individual commodities (Step 1B).


Step 1A: Choose an ERS commodity group


Or, Step 1B: Choose individual commodities

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Collapse Select a CommoditySelect a Commodity
Expand All agricultural exportsAll agricultural exports
Expand OilseedsOilseeds
Expand GrainsGrains
Expand Other cropsOther crops
Expand LivestockLivestock
Expand Nurseries, forestry, and fishingNurseries, forestry, and fishing
Expand Food processingFood processing
Expand Beer and wineBeer and wine
Expand Other agricultural exportsOther agricultural exports

Step 2: Create multipliers

Producer-value multipliers reflect the value of the commodity as it leaves the farm gate or manufacturer's door. Port-value multipliers include the producer value and shipping, handling, and storage charges between the farm or manufacturer and the port. At which stage of export would you like to measure the multiplier effects?

Producer: Producer margins are set at 100 percent

Port: Enter your own producer, transportation, and wholesale and retail trade margins


Step 3: Review results

Your Open Model Results

CommodityERS employment (jobs/billion $ export value)ERS output ($ total economic output /$ export value)Your employment (jobs/billion $ export value)Your output ($ total economic output /$ export value)
Other oilseeds9,9321.91**
Other grains23,5543.39**
Vegetables and melons 6,9481.75**
Fruits 2,6021.49**
Tree nuts 15,2931.49**
Greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture 9,2381.81**
Tobacco 19,6071.57**
Cotton 8,1952.26**
Sugarcane and sugar beets 7,3261.49**
All other crops 21,1002.07**
Dairy cattle and milk production 16,2503.07**
Cattle 7,5362.48**
Poultry and egg production 8,4162.80**
Animal production, except cattle and poultry and eggs 9,1921.68**